Grant ARC 2 meter analog repeater goes digital.

The Grant ARC 146.790 can now go simulcast with several Indiana DMR crossroads repeaters.

This can be done on the following repeaters in Marion,Kokomo,FortWayne,Muncie,NewCastle,Montpeiler, Winchester and in Indy. They are setup on a Pust to talk bases with a 20 minute time out if know one is using the link.

TG# 8714 Time slot 1 is on the Marion,NewCastle,Montpeiler,Winchester,Indy,   Muncie

TG# 8714 Time slot 2 is on the          Kokomo,FortWayne

Also you will need to DTMF either on the 146.790 repeater or DMR side the numbers 5001 to turn link on at the repeater site.